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As Maid Cafe's get ever more popular, Yunmao Ayakawa, as a board member and Official Spokesperson of the Nihon Maid Association, holds mini training workshops at events giving a brief overview of what actual Japanese Maid candidates are taught in an official NMA training course.

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Yunmao Ayakawa stepped into the spotlight through her passion of Cosplay but it doesn't stop there. Yunmao is an awarded Race Queen, TV spokes person, and is often requested for professional photo shoots. Check out her amazing photos and videos.

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YU YU MAID is Yunamo Ayakawa's comedic action adventure comic based on a free spirited Super Maid named “Yuyu.” A true to heart Otaku, Yuyu spends time with friends writing fan comics, doing Cosplay and working as a Maid Hostess in Japan. But soon Yuyu must fight evil doers who want to rid the world of all Otaku. Find Yu Yu Maid in each issue of Otaku USA magazine.

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Otaku USA Magazine is the Worlds leading magazine for everything Anime, gaming and Otaku trends. In each Issue readers are treated to Cosplay Cafe with Yunmao Ayakawa! Articles cover new Otaku trends from Japan, Cosplay, and exclusive celebrity interviews. Read Cosplay Cafe with Yunmao Ayakawa in Otaku USA Magazine.